Functional movement training is about training “movements” instead of muscles. This kind of training engages many muscle groups simultaneously, building strength holistically and forcing the body to function as a single unit. These exercises involve full-body motion and engage stability muscles which are extremely important in preventing injuries. Because you are utilizing several muscle groups at once, coordination and neuromuscular control are also simultaneously improved.

The main goal of functional movement training, aside from preventing injury, is increasing performance both inside and outside of the gym. While traditional training is often limited to movements one would perform at the gym, functional training has applications in the quality of movement throughout real-life situations. These techniques include balance, mobility, flexibility and stability challenges rather than simple muscle contractions. This encourages the brain to focus on and adapt to new quality movement patterns.

Functional training really has no downside. From enhancing the quality of life and preventing injuries, to helping you increase your sport performance and achieve a strong body type, it truly is the best method of training that exists.

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