As the office has evolved, so has my multi-disciplinary team of health care specialists, and with that has come the evolution of our approach, methodology and belief system.  As a result, the re-branding of the office has become paramount in defining what we do, and I am excited to announce our new brand and clinic, THE INSTITUTE OF MOVEMENT or as many of you may have already recognized in.MVMNT sport l spine l wellness.  This name better reflects the office’s treatment focus and our philosophies towards dynamic and integrated health.  We have designed our new website, and are looking forward to your feedback on our new look, check us out at: inmvmnt.sg-host.com 

You may have also heard about the most exciting change we made in 2020, which is of course that we are RELOCATED!  The office has moved to 1300 CEDAR AVENUE.  I worked extremely hard through 2020 creating a more modern clinic with space that will encompass a contemporary treatment facility for all our practitioners, inclusive of a 500 sq ft rehabilitation, movement and education space.  This move will expand our ability to treat patients more effectively and enable a greater focus and availability for both acute and sports injury, as well as rehabilitation and functional movement analysis. We are now in the new location and are extremely excited about offering the very best in patient care.

This move is about our PASSION for helping you get BETTER, FASTER… so that you can continue to enjoy the activities you love.  The changes we are making allow our entire multi-disciplinary team to provide a higher level of care to our patient base and allow you better access to practitioners with less wait times.  Additional medical staff and extended clinic hours enables increased availability when you need our help the most. 

We are currently test driving our new hours. The plan is for the office to be open from 8 AM TO 7 PM MONDAY – FRIDAY and SATURDAYS FROM 10 AM TO 4 PM.  However, with the COVID-19 outbreak, hours may vary as we respond to the current status of the pandemic and the evolution of our Health Authorities recommendations.

Each day we have set aside multiple visits designated for acute care management for when you require immediate care.  These emergency time slots are accessible on a first call first serve basis by calling in at 8 AM to secure one of the day’s reserved ACUTE CARE TIME SLOTS.

Despite all these changes, you will still have access to all the great practitioners that have composed our multidisciplinary team up until now, including DR. SCOTT EMERY (DC) and DR. STEPHANIE CHURCH (DC) are here to address all of your health care needs.  I am also excited to announce the expansion of my team with several new practitioners and staff.

My newest Associate is Rossland native, DR. EVA GIFFORD.  She joins the clinic following her Doctor of Chiropractic education at my alma mater Western States.  Eva completed her preceptorship under my guidance, and is now officially licensed and board certified by the British Columbia College of Chiropractors. Eva has proven exceptional clinical skill and patient care while working alongside me, and has already begun her education in Active Release Techniques and Rehabilitation methods used in the clinic by both Stephanie and Myself.  I have the utmost faith in her capabilities, and am looking forward to her addition to my team. Her presence and availability will ensure that all patients, new and existing, can continue to receive the same great quality of patient care that they have become accustomed to, with added convenience.  

My final announcement is the addition of my partner and Acupuncturist JULIA MANIECKI to the in.MVMNT healthcare team. She has a keen special interest and focus in musculoskeletal disorders and Sports Medicine Acupuncture.  I am excited to have her work alongside myself and the other Chiropractors to provide an integrated Acupuncture service that is more musculoskeletal and sport and rehabilitation focused.  Together this powerful combination of care is anticipated to increase the effectiveness and longevity of treatment results, as well as decrease recovery time. I am truly excited to be developing a fully integrated multidisciplinary clinic that can offer the best possible treatment plan unique to each patient and their recovery journey.  

Alongside myself, she has also played an integral part in the conception, development and construction of this entire project, and now proudly operates as the new DIRECTOR OF CLINIC OPERATIONS.  As she is currently deeply invested in the development and smooth operations of the new clinic, she has postponed her treatment schedule until the spring/summer when the clinic is officially functioning with high efficiency and effectiveness. 

In addition, stay in touch as we plan to add another Registered Massage Therapist, a Kinesiologist and a Pain Management specialist early in 2021!!!

Our entire team is excited to be expanding, and we look forward to continuing to work with you towards your goals of health and wellness. Call or email our Administration Team for more information or to book your next appointment with one of hour highly skilled professionals. MADDIE SMITH or CAITLIN O’DAY are here to help you in every way possible.

Most Sincerely,


SCOTT EMERY and the entire team at the all new in.MVMNT sport spine wellness

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