A lot of people don’t think about the impact that nutrition has on their overall physical health and wellness, however, the foods that you eat nourish your body and thus play a huge role in your health. Without eating foods that have enough nutrients to meet the body’s needs, the body simply will not be able to perform at its best, heal at its best or feel its best. When the body does not receive its necessary nutritive components for biological functions and regeneration, then it may begin to breakdown. This can manifest as inflammation, joint pain and other common health conditions.

Chiropractic care is based on the premise that the body is able to achieve and maintain health through its own natural recuperative powers provided that it has a properly functioning nervous system, and receives the necessary health maintenance components. These components include adequate nutrition, water, rest, exercise and clean air. It is extremely important to address and support both biomechanical health and biochemical health as one cannot work without affecting the other. Our Chiropractors at the Institute of Movement work to educate and inform their patients regarding nutrition to ensure that they are able to do everything they can to support a healthy, body, healthy lifestyle and healthy recovery.

Supplements are powerful tools, and under the guidance of a trusted practitioner they can deliver profound health benefits. To help patients achieve their health and wellness goals we trust our nutritional solutions to METAGENICS, the premier manufacturer and distributor of science-based medical foods and nutraceuticals. As a leader in the field of nutrigenomics and functional medicine, health care practitioners around the world rely on their products and services to assist patients to safely and effectively achieve a lifetime of good health. Their commitment to exceptional quality, safety and transparency is unparalleled in the industry. For more information on Metagenics, we proudly refer you to research

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