Healing is a complex and dynamic process. The human body is designed to be self-limiting and regulating, such that as individuals we can adapt and accommodate to injury. If we input the appropriate programs within the right parameters we can heal our bodies innately and not only return to our pre-injury status but also far exceed it.

This is our PASSION. Our team is built around high quality practitioners who all bring their own unique attributes, but work in a common direction to create the best health outcomes for our patients.

We use evidence-based examination and treatment techniques that produce results. We look forward to all the challenges surrounding a patient’s condition, because through appropriate diagnosis, cutting edge treatment and rehabilitation we will be able to bring you back to your best health.

At in.MVMNT you are an integral part of our TEAM! We want to work collectively with our patients to discover the underlying causes of your health concern and develop a customized plan of action to maximize success.

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