Before your first visit, your Acupuncturist will have you fill out a detailed online health history form to begin developing a thorough understanding of the way your body functions and the unique tendencies and ailments that it may have.  Upon your initial appointment, your Acupuncturist will review all of this information, ask further questions, and review the details of your most important complaints.  Your practitioner will discuss with you your diagnosis and together with you develop a treatment plan and schedule that will best suit your recovery, work best in conjunction with your other treatment professionals, and be tailored to your lifestyle and unique goals.  Following your first appointment and discussion about your body’s response to treatment, your treatment plan may be altered slightly to suit your unique needs even further.  This may require that the first couple treatments be closer together, farther apart, or following a strong reaction, perhaps only a couple treatments will be needed to resolve the issue altogether. 

You can expect to be in your Acupuncturists care for 60 minutes.  Treatments are carried out in a comfortable lying position for the gentle insertion of fine needles around the body as prescribed for your recovery.  Not dissimilar from a massage treatment, your practitioner will leave you the space and time to undress to your comfort level (with areas of importance exposed) and get onto the table and under the covers. Your practitioner will have communicated with you the plan to start face up, face down or to expect a combination of the two based on the conditions/areas to be treated, the acupoints that are applicable, as well as the different TCM modalities required such as Cupping or Moxibustion for the most effective treatment.  

Most people feel no or very minimal discomfort with the insertion of needles, often accompanied by the arrival of ‘Qi’ which can look different for each individual and often varies depending on the area of the body, underlying conditions, longevity of the injury/illness, hormonal fluctuations etc.  Words often reported to describe this sensation include tingling, a deep ache, pressure, heat, intensity, movement, flow, spark, or a good kind of pain. Your Acupuncturist will maintain open communication with you throughout the treatment, and check in often regarding your comfort.  Needles generally remain in place for 10-30 minutes depending on whether one or both sides of the body are being treated.  During and after treatment, most people report achieving an incredible sense of deep relaxation and calm, often followed by a few nights of really deep quality sleep. 

The frequency and number of treatments recommended differs from person to person and on the severity and duration in which they have been suffering with this particular concern.  Many patients often experience dramatic relief in the first treatment.  Acupuncture as a medicine however is very “cumulative” in its effects which means that with each treatment, results get stronger and the relief lasts longer and longer.  For complex, long-standing chronic conditions, one treatment per week for several months may be advised.  Generally speaking, acute problems often require only a few treatments before resolving, and these are often best performed in a narrow time frame.  In contrast, chronic conditions often require a longer term of spread out treatments that gradually become less and less frequent until symptoms or pain remain gone.  Your practitioner will communicate with you about your progress and when and how to best make edits to your treatment schedule to get the most out of your healing progress.  We are passionate about supporting you and your journey to whole health and best self, and excited to introduce you to a new level of balance and well being!

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