The SFMA® movement analysis is a movement based diagnostic system designed to clinically assess seven fundamental movement patterns required or optimal, pain-free movement.  This functional movement assessment is a great tool to accurately diagnose the ROOT cause or causes that underlie each unique problem. This whole-body movement analysis begins at the neck and works all the way down to the toes.  It not only helps to identify sources of pain, it also enables professionals to identify meaningful impairments, such as sources of weakness, that may seem unrelated to the main musculoskeletal complaint but are actually a major contributing factor.  

The SFMA movement analysis screen is a powerful tool for identifying limiting factors in athletes.  This framework allows us to assist with improving and optimizing athletic performance whether you are a professional athlete, or a passionate kootenay outdoor warrior.  This movement screen is also a great place to start for adults looking to get back into working out without risking injury, or to make sure that young athletes are not developing bad habits in their sport.  Furthermore, the SFMA can be a great tool for athletes to use at the start of the off season by enabling identification of weaknesses that should ideally be addressed before the start of the upcoming season.  Irregardless of your level of activity, SFMA techniques are designed to help everyone move their best. We here at the Institute of Movement are committed to getting you back to moving your best through all the activities of your life.

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